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If you know that meeting and engaging people, sales conversion and team-building is essential to your business growth, then read on…

Attention:  San Francisco Bay Area Coaches, Trainers & Business Owners

What I’ve learned in my 30 years of being a business owner, facilitator and coach is that business growth, sales conversion and team-building all have one thing in common – people! And I also found that the very thing needed to increase sales conversion, grow businesses and build dynamic, result oriented teams is improved and enhanced communication. So, in order to improve the results, the communication first needs to be improved.

I support business owners and individuals in learning the FUNdamentals for making stronger connections in their communication. In my experiential Business Playshops, participants not only learn the skills to improve communication, they also get to experience and practice these new skills and then translate them into their professional and personal lives.

Business Playshops provide effective results in a fun, playful, safe environment. Our programs focus on increasing sales, team-building and networking

Team-building: Happier teams lead to better results when everyone is on the same page.

Sales: Making better connections lead to better and stronger sales.

Networking: Learn to do it in a way that honors you so that you get results that serve you

Our vision is a world where every business owner has the know-how to combine fun and creativity with business.

Business Playshops

In these workshop experiences, you’ll discover how to transform the way you interact with others to create powerful connections and positive results, whether it’s in networking, teambuilding, attracting and retaining clients.

Business Playshops are designed to be fun, inviting, open, and supportive. Everyone gets a chance to interact and meet others more authentically and productively. The networking piece is naturally built into the experience. Introvert approved!

You’ll enjoy exercises which will shift old communication patterns that don’t serve you into new ways of thinking that you can use immediately in your personal and professional life. You’ll learn how to make the connections that open doors to relationships, resources, referrals and clients you love. And have a great time doing it – how cool is that?

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate networking events with ease and intentionality
  • Enhance your communication skills to grow your business relationships
  • Gain clarity as you talk about your business
  • Accelerate your connections for faster results
  • Achieve greater confidence in meeting new people
  • Learn how to ask for what you want
  • Make warm connections
  • Be yourself and express yourself in every conversation – even in closing a sale
  • Connect and align with your team – in their style
  • Acknowledge and celebrate failure – Floppertunities!

Are you ready to move forward and connect in a fun and powerful way? If so, here are the next 3 steps that I recommend.

Step 1: Download my free ebook The Seven Mindsets of Meaningful Networking 

Step 2: Come to a Business Playshop Playshop in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Step 3: Receive private assistance to express yourself with confidence and speak from the heart in your business conversations in a complimentary session with me.

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I look forward to connecting with you and I wish you great happiness and success in your business endeavors.

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