Lisa Morningstar


If you know that meeting and engaging people is essential to your business growth, but you dread going to networking events because they just don’t work for you… Read on

Attention:  San Francisco Bay Area Coaches, Trainers & Creative Entrepreneurs

Are you sick of:

  • Everyone shoving business cards in your hand while trying to convince you to buy their “stuff”
  • Trying to encapsulate yourself in 3 sentences because it feels too fake
  • Feeling like the act of Networking is an exercise in futility that drains the fun out of your evening?

I completely understand.

My name is Lisa Morningstar and for years, I went to networking events pretending to like them and doing my best to learn how to make them work for my business.

I didn’t know who my ideal clients were, so I’d show my stuff to anything that moved. Selling was hard, but recruiting was harder. It felt like everyone was making sales except me. I preferred getting to know people first rather than being pushy.

I decided to take a break from networking for awhile to increase my skills, but when I returned to the scene, I saw that people had the same problem with networking that I had – how to quickly make more authentic connections.

I realized that the missing keys were FUN, spontaneity, creativity and an authentic desire to help others. Missing too, were people who were truly listening and tuning in to their intuition. Wouldn’t talking about business be so much better if people applied those missing keys every day?

What if Networking Could be Fun, Playful and a Productive Experience that Energized You?

Spontaneous Networking in Action

That’s why I created and designed my Spontaneous Networking Playshops to be completely different from “traditional networking.” We participate in a variety of playful activities together. Everyone gets a chance to interact and meet people more authentically and make the connections that open the doors to relationships, resources, referrals and clients.

During this lively, interactive, and fun playshop you will:

  • Network in a non-traditional way
  • Enhance your communication skills to grow your business relationships
  • Gain clarity as you talk about your business
  • Accelerate your connections for faster results
  • Achieve greater confidence in meeting new people
  • Learn how to ask for what you want
  • Make warm connections
  • Take away a variety of activities to use in both your professional and personal life
  • Feel safe and supported

Spontaneous Networking Playshops are designed to be fun and help you find new ways to think about sharing your talents with the world. How cool is that?

Are you ready to have more fun networking than you ever thought possible?

Step 1: Download my free ebook The Seven Mindsets of Meaningful Networking 

Step 2: Come to a Spontaneous Networking Playshop in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Step 3: Receive private assistance to express yourself with confidence and speak from the heart in your business conversations in a complimentary session with me.

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